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Gitter Manual

Gitter Manual

Gitter introduction

Gitter is a Markdown-enabled instant messaging software for developers. It can be seamlessly linked to github, PR on Github can be linked in chat, relevant historical records of discussions can be retained, historical records can be queried, and Chinese and English can be supported.

Like many other open source projects, Doris can use Gitter as an instant messaging medium for technology exchange and community development. This article describes how to use Gitter to participate in Doris's open source development and community development.

Entering in the browser automatically jumps to the Doris community chat room interface on Gitter.

Click on the SIGN IN TO START TALKING below to login. It can support two login modes, Github account or Twitter account. The author uses Github account to login, as follows:

After clicking on the red circle, enter the Github account and password to log into the chat room and start technical or community discussions:

You can use Gitter as well as Wechat, and get functions that are more comfortable for developers and technicians than Wechat, such as directly mentioning an activity for discussion, directly searching history chat records, etc.

Don't forget to click on the Pentagon in the upper right corner to collect, which will make the chat room easier for you to find.

Install Mobile Client

You can download Gitter's mobile client and participate in technical discussions on your mobile phone at any time and anywhere. Download links:

Search Gitter and join Doris Community Chat Room

Partners already using Gitter log in directly to search for apache-doris and can join the chat room when they find it. Other functions are used in the same chapter, which is not discussed here.