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Release 2.0.4

Thanks to our community users and developers, about 333 improvements and bug fixes have been made in Doris 2.0.4 version.

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GitHub :

Behavior change​

New features​

  • Support datev1, datetimev1 and decimalv2 datatypes in new optimizer Nereids.
  • Support ODBC table for new optimizer Nereids.
  • Add lower_case and ignore_above option for inverted index
  • Support match_regexp and match_phrase_prefix optimization by inverted index
  • Support paimon native reader in datalake
  • Support audit-log for insert into SQL
  • Support reading parquet file in lzo compressed format

Three Improvement and optimizations​

  • Improve storage management including balance, migration, publish and others.
  • Improve storage cooldown policy to use save disk space.
  • Performance optimization for substr with ascii string.
  • Improve partition prune when date function is used.
  • Improve auto analyze visibility and performance.

See the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on github dev/2.0.4-merged


Last but not least, this release would not have been possible without the following contributors:

airborne12, amorynan, AshinGau, BePPPower, bingquanzhao, BiteTheDDDDt, bobhan1, ByteYue, caiconghui,CalvinKirs, cambyzju, caoliang-web, catpineapple, csun5285, dataroaring, deardeng, dutyu, eldenmoon, englefly, feifeifeimoon, fornaix, Gabriel39, gnehil, HappenLee, hello-stephen, HHoflittlefish777,hubgeter, hust-hhb, ixzc, jacktengg, jackwener, Jibing-Li, kaka11chen, KassieZ, LemonLiTree,liaoxin01, LiBinfeng-01, lihuigang, liugddx, luwei16, morningman, morrySnow, mrhhsg, Mryange, nextdreamblue, Nitin-Kashyap, platoneko, py023, qidaye, shuke987, starocean999, SWJTU-ZhangLei, w41ter, wangbo, wsjz, wuwenchi, Xiaoccer, xiaokang, XieJiann, xingyingone, xinyiZzz, xuwei0912, xy720, xzj7019, yujun777, zclllyybb, zddr, zhangguoqiang666, zhangstar333, zhannngchen, zhiqiang-hhhh, zy-kkk, zzzxl1993