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Release 2.0.5

Thanks to our community users and developers, about 217 improvements and bug fixes have been made in Doris 2.0.5 version.

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Behavior change

New features

  • Eliminate left outer join with is null condition
  • Add show-tablets-belong stmt for analyzing a batch of tablet-ids
  • InferPredicates support In, such as a = b & a in [1, 2] -> b in [1, 2]
  • Optimize plan when column stats are unavailable
  • Optimize plan using rollup column stats
  • Support analyze materialized view
  • Support ShowProcessStmt Show all FE connection

Improvement and optimizations

  • Optimize query plan when column stats are unaviable
  • Optimize query plan using rollup column stats
  • Stop analyze quickly after user close auto analyze
  • Catch load column stats exception, avoid print too much stack info to fe.out
  • Select materialized view by specify the view name in SQL
  • Change auto analyze max table width default value to 100
  • Escape characters for columns in recovery predicate pushdown in JDBC Catalog
  • Fix JDBC MYSQL Catalog to_date fun pushdown
  • Optimize the close logic of JDBC client
  • Optimize JDBC connection pool parameter settings
  • Obtain hudi partition information through HMS's API
  • Optimize routine load job error msg and memory
  • Skip all backup/restore jobs if max allowd option is set to 0

See the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on github.


Thanks all who contribute to this release:

airborne12, alexxing662, amorynan, AshinGau, BePPPower, bingquanzhao, BiteTheDDDDt, ByteYue, caiconghui, cambyzju, catpineapple, dataroaring, eldenmoon, Emor-nj, englefly, felixwluo, GoGoWen, HappenLee, hello-stephen, HHoflittlefish777, HowardQin, JackDrogon, jacktengg, jackwener, Jibing-Li, KassieZ, LemonLiTree, liaoxin01, liugddx, LuGuangming, morningman, morrySnow, mrhhsg, Mryange, mymeiyi, nextdreamblue, qidaye, ryanzryu, seawinde,starocean999, TangSiyang2001, vinlee19, w41ter, wangbo, wsjz, wuwenchi, xiaokang, XieJiann, xingyingone, xy720,xzj7019, yujun777, zclllyybb, zhangstar333, zhannngchen, zhiqiang-hhhh, zxealous, zy-kkk, zzzxl1993