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Release 2.0.6

Thanks to our community users and developers, about 114 improvements and bug fixes have been created by 51 contributors in Doris 2.0.6 version.

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Behavior change

  • N/A

New features

  • Support match a function with alias in materialized-view
  • Add a command to drop a tablet replica safely on backend
  • Add row count cache for external table.
  • Support analyze rollup to gather statistics for optimizer

Improvement and optimizations

  • Improve tablet schema cache memory by using deterministic way to serialize protobuf
  • Improve show column stats performance
  • Support estimate row count for iceberg and paimon
  • Support sqlserver timestamp type read for JDBC catalog

See the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on github.


Thanks all who contribute to this release:

924060929, AshinGau, BePPPower, BiteTheDDDDt, CalvinKirs, cambyzju, deardeng, DongLiang-0, eldenmoon, englefly, feelshana, feiniaofeiafei, felixwluo, HappenLee, hust-hhb, iwanttobepowerful, ixzc, JackDrogon, Jibing-Li, KassieZ, larshelge, liaoxin01, LiBinfeng-01, liutang123, luennng, morningman, morrySnow, mrhhsg, qidaye, starocean999, TangSiyang2001, wangbo, wsjz, wuwenchi, xiaokang, XieJiann, xuwei0912, xy720, xzj7019, yiguolei, yujun777, Yukang-Lian, Yulei-Yang, zclllyybb, zddr, zhangstar333, zhannngchen, zhiqiang-hhhh, zy-kkk, zzzxl1993