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Release 2.0.7

Thanks to our community users and developers, about 80 improvements and bug fixes have been made in Doris 2.0.7 version.

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1 Behavior change

2 New features

3 Improvement and optimizations

  • Add DEFAULT_ENCRYPTION column in information_schema table and add processlist table for better compatibility for BI tools

  • Automatically test connectivity by default when creating a JDBC Catalog.

  • Enhance auto resume to keep routine load stable

  • Use lowercase by default for Chinese tokenizer in inverted index

  • Add error msg if exceeded maximum default value in repeat function

  • Skip hidden file and dir in Hive table

  • Reduce file meta cache size and disable cache for some cases to avoid OOM

  • Reduce jvm heap memory consumed by profiles of BrokerLoadJob

  • Remove sort which is under table sink to speed up query like INSERT INTO t1 SELECT * FROM t2 ORDER BY k.

See the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on github .

4 Credits

Thanks all who contribute to this release: