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Release 2.0.9

Thanks to our community users and developers, about 68 improvements and bug fixes have been made in Doris 2.0.9 version.

1 Behavior change​


2 New features​

  • Support predicate apprear both on key and value mv column

  • Support mv with bitmap_union(bitmap_from_array())

  • Add a FE config to force replicate allocation for OLAP tables in the cluster

  • Support date literal support timezone in new optimizer Nereids

  • Support slop in fulltext search match_phrase to specify word distence

  • Show index id in SHOW PROC INDEXES

3 Improvement and optimizations​

  • Sdd a secondary argument in first_value / last_value to ignore NULL values

  • the offset params in LEAD/ LAG function could use 0

  • Adjust priority of materialized view match rule

  • TopN opt reads only limit number of records for better performance

  • Add profile for delete_bitmap get_agg function

  • Refine the Meta cache to get better performance

  • Add FE config autobucket_max_buckets

See the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on GitHub .

Big Thanks​

Thanks all who contribute to this release:

adonis0147, airborne12, amorynan, AshinGau, BePPPower, BiteTheDDDDt, CalvinKirs, cambyzju, csun5285, eldenmoon, englefly, feiniaofeiafei, HHoflittlefish777, htyoung, hust-hhb, jackwener, Jibing-Li, kaijchen, kylinmac, liaoxin01, luwei16, morningman, mrhhsg, qidaye, starocean999, SWJTU-ZhangLei, w41ter, xiaokang, xiedeyantu, xy720, zclllyybb, zhangstar333, zhannngchen, zy-kkk, zzzxl1993