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Set user attributes, including resources assigned to users, importing clusters, etc.

SET PROPERTY [FOR 'user'] 'key' = 'value' [, 'key' = 'value']

The user attribute set here is for user, not user_identity. That is, if two users 'jack'@'%' and 'jack'@'192.%' are created through the CREATE USER statement, the SET PROPERTY statement can only be used for the user jack, not 'jack'@'% ' or 'jack'@'192.%'


Super user privileges:

max_user_connections: The maximum number of connections.

max_query_instances: The number of instances that a user can use to execute a query at the same time.

sql_block_rules: Set sql block rules. Once set, queries sent by this user will be rejected if they match the rules.

cpu_resource_limit: Limit the cpu resources for queries. See the introduction to the session variable cpu_resource_limit for details. -1 means not set.

exec_mem_limit: Limit the memory usage of the query. See the introduction to the session variable exec_mem_limit for details. -1 means not set.

resource_tags: Specifies the user's resource tag permissions.

query_timeout: Specifies the user's query timeout permissions.

Note: If the attributes `cpu_resource_limit`, `exec_mem_limit` are not set, the value in the session variable will be used by default.


  1. Modify the maximum number of user jack connections to 1000

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'max_user_connections' = '1000';
  2. Modify the number of available instances for user jack's query to 3000

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'max_query_instances' = '3000';
  3. Modify the sql block rule of user jack

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'sql_block_rules' = 'rule1, rule2';
  4. Modify the cpu usage limit of user jack

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'cpu_resource_limit' = '2';
  5. Modify the user's resource tag permissions

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'resource_tags.location' = 'group_a, group_b';
  6. Modify the user's query memory usage limit, in bytes

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'exec_mem_limit' = '2147483648';
  7. Modify the user's query timeout limit, in second

    SET PROPERTY FOR 'jack' 'query_timeout' = '500';



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