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Flink Doris Connector
Read, insert, modify and delete data stored in Doris through Flink.
  • Support reading and writing via DataStream and SQL
  • Ensure exactly-once semantics in data ingestion
  • Support data updates and deletions for Doris Unique table
  • Implements multi-table and entire database data synchronization for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other databases through Flink CDC
Spark Doris Connector
Read data stored in Doris and write data to Doris through Spark.
  • Access Doris by SparkSQL, DataFrame, RDD, PySpark
  • Support distributed reading data from Doris at scale
dbt Doris Adapter
An Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) component.
  • Dedicated to data transforming in ELT.
  • Support three materialization methods: View, Table and Incremental

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