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Bitmap Index

Bitmap Index

Users can speed up queries by creating a bitmap index This document focuses on how to create an index job, as well as some considerations and frequently asked questions when creating an index.


  • bitmap index: a fast data structure that speeds up queries

Basic Principles​

Creating and dropping index is essentially a schema change job. For details, please refer to Schema Change.


Create index​

Create a bitmap index for siteid on table1

CREATE INDEX [IF NOT EXISTS] index_name ON table1 (siteid) USING BITMAP COMMENT 'balabala';

View index​

Display the lower index of the specified table_name

SHOW INDEX FROM example_db.table_name;

Delete index​

Delete the lower index of the specified table_name

DROP INDEX [IF EXISTS] index_name ON [db_name.]table_name;


  • Currently only index of bitmap type is supported.
  • The bitmap index is only created on a single column.
  • Bitmap indexes can be applied to all columns of the Duplicate , Uniq data model and key columns of the Aggregate models.
  • The data types supported by bitmap indexes are as follows:
    • INT
    • BIGINT
    • CHAR
    • DATE
    • BOOL
  • The bitmap index takes effect only in segmentV2. The table's storage format will be converted to V2 automatically when creating index.

More Help​

For more detailed syntax and best practices for using bitmap indexes, please refer to the CREARE INDEX / SHOW INDEX / DROP INDEX command manual. You can also enter HELP CREATE INDEX / HELP SHOW INDEX / HELP DROP INDEX on the MySql client command line.