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Kubernetes Deployment

K8s Deployment Doris

SinceVersion dev

Environmental Preparation

Starting a cluster

Start FE (role type is Follower):kubectl create -f doris_follower.yml

Start BE:kubectl create -f doris_be.yml

Start the BE (role type is Compute Node):kubectl create -f doris_cn.yml

Expansion and contraction capacity

  • FE
    • Currently, scaling is not supported. It is recommended to initialize 1 or 3 nodes as needed
  • BE
    • Command:kubectl scale statefulset doris-be-cluster1 --replicas=4
  • BE (role type is Compute Node)
    • Command:kubectl scale statefulset doris-cn-cluster1 --replicas=4

test and verify

Connect to the FE using mysql-client and perform operations such as' show backends' and 'show frontends' to view the status of each node

K8s simple operation command

  • Executing the yml file for the first time kubectl create -f xxx.yml
  • Execute after modifying the yml file kubectl apply -f xxx.yml
  • Delete all resources defined by yml kubectl delete -f xxx.yml
  • View the pod list kubectl get pods
  • Entering the container kubectl exec -it xxx(podName) -- /bin/sh
  • view log kubectl logs xxx(podName)
  • View IP and port information kubectl get ep
  • More knowledge of k8s

common problem

  • How is data persistent?

    Users need to mount PVC on their own to persist metadata information, data information, or log information

  • How to safely shrink the BE node?

    BE:User manual execution is required before current resizingALTER-SYSTEM-DECOMMISSION-BACKEND

    BE(The role type is Compute Node): Do not store data files and can directly shrink,About Computing Nodes

  • FE startup error "failed to init statefulSetName"

    doris The environment variables statefulSetName and serviceName for follower. yml must appear in pairs, such as CN configured SERVICE, CN must be configured_ STATEFULSET