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Compilation on MacOS

Compilation on MacOS

This topic is about how to compile Doris from source with macOS (both x86_64 and arm64).

Environment Requirements​

  1. macOS 12 (Monterey) or newer(both Intel chip and Apple Silicon chips are supported)
  2. Homebrew


  1. Use Homebrew to install dependencies.
    brew install automake autoconf libtool pkg-config texinfo coreutils gnu-getopt \
    python@3 cmake ninja ccache bison byacc gettext wget pcre maven llvm@16 openjdk@11 npm

The version of jdk installed using brew is 11, because on macOS, the arm64 version of brew does not have version 8 of jdk by default

  1. Compile from source.

Third-Party Libraries​

  1. The Apache Doris Third Party Prebuilt page contains the source code of all third-party libraries. You can download doris-thirdparty-source.tgz to obtain them.

  2. You can download the precompiled third party library from the Apache Doris Third Party Prebuilt page. You may refer to the following commands:

    cd thirdparty
    rm -rf installed

    # Intel chips
    curl -L \
    -o - | tar -Jxf -

    # Apple Silicon chips
    curl -L \
    -o - | tar -Jxf -

    # Make sure that protoc and thrift can run successfully.
    cd installed/bin

    ./protoc --version
    ./thrift --version
  3. When running protoc or thrift, you may meet an error which says the app can not be opened because the developer cannot be verified. Go to Security & Privacy. Click the Open Anyway button in the General pane to confirm your intent to open the app. See


  1. Set file descriptors (NOTICE: If you have closed the current session, you need to set this variable again).

    ulimit -n 65536

    You can also write this configuration into the initialization files so you don't need to set the variables again when opening a new terminal session.

    # bash
    echo 'ulimit -n 65536' >>~/.bashrc

    # zsh
    echo 'ulimit -n 65536' >>~/.zshrc

    Check if the configuration works by executing the following command.

    $ ulimit -n
  2. Start BE up

    cd output/be/bin
    ./ --daemon
  3. Start FE up

    cd output/fe/bin
    ./ --daemon


  1. Fail to start BE up. The log shows: fail to open StorageEngine, res=file descriptors limit is too small

    To fix this, please refer to the "Start-up" section above and reset file descriptors.

  2. Java Version

    The version of jdk installed with brew is 11, because on macOS, the arm64 version of brew does not have version 8 of jdk by default, and you can also download the jdk installation package for installation